Defil Jowita

Defil Jowita electric guitar, made in Poland, mid - 80's. The model tag is not present (as with most of Defils), but if you open the back and retrieve the electonics (mounted on pcb board) you can find the Jowita's model name. The woods are triplex and body is flattop, the switch is an adapted sliding switch.

A couple of words from the owner:
I bought this somewhat cheesy item in Malmo, Sweden, 3 years ago. After some fixing it is actually playable, though the neck is VERY thick...
It sounds... ...interesting! There is a nice buzzing sound if you play high up on the neck. I think I payed about 100 USD for it.

Lars Tengroth, Playground Music Scandinavia,
Ivan alias Lordbizarre, www.lordbizarre.com

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