Defil Romeo bass
Defil Romeo bass and Julia guitar
(Julia logo reminds me of something... don't you have the same feeling?)

At last, here's a nice pair: Romeo and Julia by Defil! It's a really cool opportunity to have a matching pair of instruments in a band, and it's a pitty Paul and John missed it. Anyway, DEFIL that stands for: Dolnoslaska Fabryka Instrumentow Lutniczych (Lower Silesian Factory of Luthiery) in Lubin (a city in western part of Poland). Defil exists since 1896 (as a piano production factory then), presently not in as good economic shape as before though. Julia and Romeo guitars were manufactured in the later part of '70-s and early in '80-s. Romeo features a round hole in the top - its' location is probably inspired by acoustic guitars. The matching pair is Julia I, while Julia II have no round hole under the strings. One should guess there should have been a Romeo II bass to match Julia II, but we haven't seen one yet.

Now here's another letter we've got from Wilm Wilmink (Germany) which gives us some clues about the production years of Romeo:
"For you information, I bought an old Defil Bass Guitar, just like the Julia Guitar at E-bay, and a few days later I saw an old black and white video from the band called "Scirocco-Combo". A great beatband from the "GDR"- East Germany, the bassguitar-player plays a Defil Bassguitar, the video is from early 70-s. So maybe the Defil Guitars are much older than you think."

This guitar comes from
"Lordbizarre's electric guitar and amp museum"
Rock! electric guitar and amplifier repair
Leuven, Belgium, Europe.

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