Hora Iris Rarity:
[not rare]

Romanian Hora from Reghin made several electric solidbodies, whith this guitar being the most popular (or maybe the most available). It is a very low quality solidbody, roughly shaped after Fender Telecaster. The model name seems to be a really bad joke: Jolana Iris was a Czechoslovakian Telecaster clone made in the 70's, so Hora Iris must be a clone of the clone of the Tele.

Approximate specifications:
Body: 3 pieces of soft maple with a hard maple laminated top and back.
Neck: Bolt-on, 25", bound rosewood fretboard, 22 thin frets, zero fret.
Pickups: Two low-output single coils with adjustable poles.
Controls: Tone, Volume. 250K potentiometers. On\Off slide switches for each pickup.
Bridge: Non-adjustable wooden POS + floating tailpiece.
Tuners: The worst.

The original pickups have a very low output, which was common on many 60's European designs. So forget about distortion, this is a weak clean sounding axe with a vintage 50-s vibe. Bridge pickup has a lower output and is considerably thinner sounding than the neck one. If someone will measure the impedances he will probably find out the pickups are exactly the same.

Hora Reghin still exists (it's 2010 outside) and produces all sorts of musical instruments. Their only electric guitar model is called... yes, Iris! And guess what - it is not a Tele anymore, it's a Strat. Go figure...

Some technical info found on Harmony Central

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