Jolana Alfa

I got my old Jolana Alfa half year ago. Itīs been in my friends cellar for about 20 years. My friend had a rock band in 70īs, so the guitar was upgraded for playing rock music. The most interesting thing was integrated device, that was supposeed to be a distortion effect. It was added after buying the guitar in 1971, I think.
It is not unplayable guitar. Itīs quite good. Very old, home upgraded model. I got it for free and repaired it for 500 czech crowns/16 dollars. Itīs color is weird. I think it was attempt for home made black and yellow sunburst. It hasnīt got original switches, but only three(after the repairs) "normal" switches(for each single pickup one)(yes, it has single pickups, not "weird pickups" as you said on the web). When I got it, it had overdrive system under pickups, so if I played it, I needed just loudspeeker to make the overdrive sound (but when I got it it was broken and it didnīt play, so i had to repair it). Now here are some pictures "from the inside" of the guitar and some details without strings. Photos are with the overdrive system under pickups, which is not present anymore and with 7 switches.
The whole guitar was out of order, so I had to go to local shop, the only place in Prague where it could be repaired. 1 week later I came there and I was very surprised when the old man told me, that he repaired it. It was OK after the repair, but there was one needless hole and the big part of pickguard with volume and tone control wasnīt good enough for me. So me and my grandfather made in last 3 days new pickguard (stratocaster like)and resprayed whole guitar to black. I think it looks really cool. The needless hole in wood was filled with block of very light wood (balsa). I think the Stratocastrisation was quite succesfull and, as I said, it looks cool doesnīt it?

Josef Soucek (Prague, Czech Republic)

Cheesy comments:
Well, sometimes black refin might look cool, but please don't try this at home with your '59 LP sunburst. Jolana Alfa is relatively rare vintage guitar and in this case it completely lost its' value.

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