Handmade guitar

This instrument looks a lot like Jolana Superstar, but it's not. Here's a letter from Jiri Prospisil who sent us the guitar:

my friend bought this guitar and we don't know what it is. It's not a Jolana that's for sure. "Roland" on the head is not original, it's painted with a pen. The guitar plays quite good for the money but the strings are really high above the neck. Rest of the guitar looks stock and works. Pickups really suck, it's something like microphones,you can sing in them quite nice-they squeak a lot.

Whole guitar is really light,everything works,the sound is weird but interesting,p-u's have strong output (and guess what- i have accidently catched a RADIO signal on the guitar,standing in front of the amplifier suddenly some news were to hear from the box,couldn't believe it,but my friend had the same accident), it's playable but the action is high and neck is bent and small. Playing is hard work in this case. Sometimes surprises by staying tuned for few days. Good guitar for the money, and is good enough for punk music.

The conclusion is that this instrument is handmade and it uses several Jolana parts.

Jiri Pospisil

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