Jolana Star IX guitar

Production of Star IX guitar started in 1970 in Krnov. Jolana production line at that time included Star VII and Star VIII guitars, but Star IX was a whole new design concept. It featured new, radically reshaped body and pickups. Metallic colors were used on these guitars - probably to accomodate the futuristic body shape. The rest of construction was the same as on previous Star models. Old, poor quality vibrato (the same they were putting on other models for more than 15 years) and the same Star electronics.

Thanks to the ultra-lightweight body this guitar is one of the worst balanced instruments ever made. You simply must keep your hand on the neck othervise it will hit the floor. Playing this guitar seated is out of question.

Keeping the tradition, Jolana also issued Basso IX which is a bass version of the same design. Needless to say that instrument with the same lightweight body and longer neck was absolutely out of control.

This particular STAR IX features serial number 6552. As you can see at the picture, the guitar was used for a long time, but works correct.

Dieter Kühne - guitar owner
Jiri Tutter (some info is taken from his article "Czechoslovak guitar" published on the web).

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