Jolana Star

I've found the Cheesy Guitars Home Page searching the net to find out the type of my Jolana. I'm still not sure, the nearest possible is Jolana Star. I've bought it around 1984 second (or more) hand. It has 20 frets, 3 single coil pickups with sliding screws to enable positioning each bolt under the strings and a tremolo bar. The scale length is 56 cm (~22"). The output signal is very low. The electronics in it were changed many times by the former owner and also by me, so I don't know the original set up. Once it had two 4-position selector switches, 2 pots, and another switch. The last wiring uses only a pickup selector and a volume pot.

I thought of having it renewed, but I was advised not to. It would have costed more than a new gitar and I would have lost a museum piece. So I bought an Ibanez SA160QMAM. There are no words to express the difference.

(an old boy from Hungary)

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