Klira Sioux

We've got pictures of this guitar with the following letter:

I have a guitar from a local flea market, a very very cheesy one. Terrible sound and very cheap building. The body is very light, with fin(?) wood and plastic over it - see the pictures.

Theres no name on the guitar. It might be from East Germany or other East Europe factory ???? I have absolute no idea wich factory this is, maybe you???

Langenbahn Mike

The guitar was identified as Klira Sioux, made in Western Germany in the mid-60's. The name of the company was Otto Jos. Klier, Bubenreuth. The guitar was also sold under Triumphator and Holiday brands (store labels). Came in many cool colors, like green sparkle, alligator, plastic or leather over wood, etc.

Identified by:
Big Beat - www.JunkGuitars.com
Guenther Stromberg

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