Migma Elektra

This is an early example of Migma Elektra. Migma was probably a part of Musima/Meinel und Herold/Voss group of brands which produced musical instruments in former DDR. They all feature similar hardware and design.

The guitar body is wrapped in pearloid plastic (often referred to as "mother-of-toilet-seat"), but underneath it's wooden. Pay attention to the "fretless" part of the neck!

Big Beat reports there's a similar model called Migma Selektra, even fancier with pushbuttons. This early example of Elektra is quite rare and it was recently sold on ebay.de for under 200 Euro.

Logo closeup

Later Migma Elektras:
Migma Elektra - red
Migma Elektra - blue

Big Beat - JunkGuitars.com
Lordbizarre - LordBizarre.com.

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