Migma Star bass

Migma Star bass is a hollowbody instrument made in beginning of the 60's. Originally it features one pickguard-mounted single coil pickup (Rellog?) in the neck position. You may find this bass with all sorts of pickups in every possible position - with some of these modifications looking pretty "stock" due to the fact that the original pickup may be removed together with the pickguard with no hole left.

Apparently, the only finish on this model was red. Migma Star 62 guitar looks like a sister of this bass and it's name gives us a hint that they both were produced since 1962.

On the right you can see pictures of the bass with the original pickguard.

Lorenzo (Italy)

This one - completely without a pickguard - was for sale on ebay.de; the seller provided us with some really usefullll specifications:

Length: 108cm
Width: 39cm
Body thickness: 7cm

ebay.de seller: maps65

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