Musima Elgita

This Musical Elgita was sent to me from Russia. It was in a fair shape for the guitar of this age. I am not sure how old it is but I think it is late 70s. I had to do some work on it. I kept the original sunburst finish (somebody sprayed it with some garbage lacquer out of spray can) but I gave it a nice clear coat. Than a re-fretted the neck, cleaned all hardware and replaced the strings. The standard strings are just barely long enough for this guitar due to the size of the head stock. This guitar has a thickest neck I have ever seen but it does feels good. It has a very warm and almost jazzy sound to it. Elgita is definitely a great addition to my collection.

Vadim Meklin

Elgita appears in 1973 Musima catalogue.

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