Musima Eterna electric guitar

This beautiful guitar with three singles comes from the Communist Germany - Deuchland Democratic Republic. Musimas were probably the best guitars among all the "communist" brands.
Musima Eterna, with its "Burns"-style body and distinctive headstock shape (this headstock and body shapes are found on at least 50% of all solidbody Musimas) can be a good beginner guitar for some 150 bucks. Maybe I'm wrong and it's vintage and rare, but I won't pay more.

Vintage Jaguar/Jazzmaster type vibrato, chromed hardware, binding on headstock and neck, 21 frets plus zero fret, four control knobs, "Eterna" logo on the headstock. You can see the "varitone" four-position switch right on the spot where the volume control should be. This is a feature of many Musimas. Eterna model had different modifications, the body shape changed and so on, but the main scheme - three single-coils and the wiring - remained the same.

This guitar belongs to the first edition of Eternas from 60's. The later modification of Eterna was called Eterna 25 and was issued in 70's. Eterna appears in 1973 Musima catalogue.

Musima Eterna

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