Handmade bass from Germany

Here is my cheesiest axe. It's a bass built by myself. In my formerly band 'ASTROMAMA' we had a bassplayer who had no bass. Because he never had money I decided to make an instrument for him.
The solid body I have made of some kind of masonite (hope this is the right english word for this material), the neck is from a Jolana bass (I found in the garbage can!). The pickup is something very cheap - I don't know the brand. The bass is extremely heavy - but the player never complained about it. There is no sustain at all and the cheap body material cuts all the middle frequencies. I liked the sound, but I had not to play on this thing so it was easy for me to like it.
The band does not exist anymore and I have this bass back at home. One day I will build this thing as a guitar made of better wood.

(I'm the guy in the blue pilot suit in the background of the picture)
Handmade bass

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