Orfeus Gibson guitar - made in Bulgaria

Orfeus was a popular brand in the 70's in the communist Europe. Orfeus guitars were far better than Soviet logs but much cheesier than German Musimas from the same period. This particular instrument is sort of someone's bad joke. There is a logo on the guitar's body saying "Gibson" in Cyrrilic letters.

the logo

A logo enlarge: "Djipson" written in cyrrilic letters surrounded by rectangular of dots. The dots are about 5mm size each. There's also an "Orfeus" logo on the headstock.

This guitar has no pickup, although there were people who tried to insert p-90'alikes in the neck position. Tuners require replacement, but overall sound was not as bad as someone could think.

Orfeus Gibson
refinished Orfeus

Orfeus Gibson has one of the most beautiful sunburst finishes around, but someone still wanted to refinish the guitar to suit his dark mood.

hollow, plywood top and back
neck: glued, 20 frets
bridge: two-piece, non-adjustable (string height only)

Andrey Nedvetsky

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