Orfeus Precision upgraded

Orfeus Precision is a later Bulgarian bass. This one is heavily upgraded and turned into fretless. Here's the owner's letter:

Some days ago I decided to ďdecorateĒ my room by hanging a guitar on the wall. Iím a bassist who always wanted to try playing fretless. This two ideas, and the fact that I had little money made me think about buying a cheap, but upgradeable bass. On one of the forums I visit regularly I put an ad. Guy called ďMunchĒ replied, offering to sell me an Orfeus Precision Bass defretted earlier, as he wanted to have a nice fretless to start with too. The guitar needed some repairs, but it was generally in good shape.

Here are the modification made to this bass, because the only original parts are the body and the neck. Rest isnít stock.

-Keys were missing. Iíve installed local Polish keys, made by Presto Ė which have the vintage look.

-Bridge is ďFender-likeĒ Ė itís a noname. Iím going to change it, because it has some defects.

-Pickup isnít the one with rail magnet Ė itís made by a small manufacture of Mr. ?ciera?ski

-Replaced nut with a basic plastic one

-Fingerboard were polished by the earlier owner. He also left fret markers made of wood darker than mahogany Ė walnut. Iíve covered the fingerboard with epoxy and polished it again, but leaving the natural wood grain.

-Pickguard replaced into P-bass type.

-replaced knobs

Iím not sure if we can name this guitar as cheesy. With pickup upgrade and wood quality it plays pretty. Sound is dark, has some growl and whatís more Ė even when unplugged itís louder than my Yamaha. And for the price Iíve paid Ė about 100$ with upgrades Ė itís a really good buy. It still needs some adjustments, but it wonít be a problem.

Matt, Poland

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