Orfeus violin bass

It's clear that Orfeus violin bass is a copy of the infamous "Beatle" Hofner. There was always a big demand for "Beatle" basses and it's surprising how many companies missed the opportunity to release their own copy. Bulgarian Orfeus was already there in the beginning of the seventies (we don't have the exact information about when they started making those "violins").
The sound: no sustain, no lows under 90-125HZ, a very "vintage" sound, mainly low-mids. Some people like it - an opposite from Jazz bass.


A slightly different brand

This is Bulgarian Kremona bass. Not Orfeus, although a close relative.

Defil Julia guitar

A slightly different brand

This is not Orfeus! We've mistakenly labeled this one Orfeus, but there were numerous reactions from people who said it's a Defil Julia guitar. Defil guitars come from Poland, and, as you can see, they also were making violin-shaped axes. There was also a violin - shaped bass, similar to the Orfeus, and it was called - of course - Romeo.

Orfeus violin bass
Anderi Nedvetski
guitars.ru - used without permission
Tomasz Zwiech

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