Roden-T guitar
The inspiration comes from:

Original Soviet Roden bass
Original Soviet Elgava guitar - Roden bass' pair

A little note from CheesyGuitars.com: This instrument is not a clone of some Soviet design; Roden guitar never existed. It is based on Roden bass made in Moscow in the 70's. Roden bass was produced together with Elgava guitar which looked different from the bass.

It has a poplar body, with a glued-in 24-3/4" scale x 22 fret maple/rosewood neck, two modified Japanese Kay "bowtie" pickups (with Red Onyx inserts), two on/off switches that belong on a truck instead of a guitar, two volume controls and a master tone control. Oh yeah, it also has a faux Bigsby vibrato unit and a tune-o-matic bridge.

Here's a closer look at the body. I'm still working on a Roden-T (rodent) decal for the body.

The peghead is virtually identical to the original bass peghead, but with a gold glitter overlay to match the pickguard, and a Red Onyx truss rod cover to match the pickup inserts. Since the original Roden basses used tuners with vaguely "keystone" shaped metal knobs, I used the chrome guitar version.

A couple of pictures of the unfinished Roden-T:

The 620 mm-scale neck ($15.00 from eBay) is glued into the body, and not bolted on. In keeping with the esthetics of other cheesy Soviet guitars, I used gold Glass Glitter pickguard and peghead overlays. Sparkly! I copied the shape of the Roden bass peghead, but reduced it ever so slightly to make it guitar sized. It took some doing, but it ended up OK.

To get the peghead the right size I had to (ahem) "modify" the peghead that was on the neck originally. This is what the back of the peghead looks like. Later I glued on a piece of maple veneer to cover and reinforce the joint. Since the added-on piece won't have any stress on it, it worked out just fine. The neck and body are going to be sprayed black anyway, so none of my patchwork will show. Sneaky, huh? I'm plugging the old tuner holes here so I can drill new ones in the right places for the new peghead.

That's about it. Plays and sounds great, and it's still PLENTY cheesy.

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