Why would anyone in USA want to play a Soviet guitar? The capitalists are fed up with their ugly Gibsons and Fenders so they're currently switching to Soviet instruments. And - the most important of all - they like it!!!

Here's a typical letter from an American capitalist:

I dont think people give Ural enough credit. When i bought this thing (courtesy of the talented mister Jamie Chivers) I wasn't expecting much, but I think it actually sounds pretty good. I can definitely see where you would get "flat" and "nasal", well, compared to run-of-the-mill humbuckers, it probably is flat. But I guess I really like that about it.

The extremely psychotic controls give me a dizzying palette of sounds from 70's strat (middle pickup is very strong compared to the other two) to flattened roadkill dead-tone (meow!) to broken AM radio twang (neck-position tone switch). All with almost no feedback or complaining whatsoever. I have been using this at practice and will probably be gigging with it often.

And that's my pro-Ural rant.

Will Gibson, USA

The original Ural
Ural V8 - another take on the same subject
Ural bass

This guitar was repaired by Jamie Chivers -

Guitartech Jamie Chivers,
Over 30 years of quality repair experience
Kettle Falls, WA
Monday - Friday
10am - 6pm
Set Up * Wiring * Refrets * Customizing

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