Handmade guitar

This guitar was made by Jamie Chivers, and he claims it's the cheesiest guitar of all time. The instrument is welded up out of the end of an old pressure vessel, sheet steel, steel pipe and a bunch of nuts and bolts. Here it is. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

The "tuners" are made out of nuts and bolts welded to the framework, and some fishing swivels. These things LOCK in place with the second nut. Check out the tuner "buttons."

The neck is made up out of 3 pieces of steel tubing welded to the body, and the fingerboard is adjustable for both height off the neck, and 2-way tilt. Crazy. The world's first guitar with an adjustable-thickness neck. Pretty cool!

Like I said, the bowl-back body is welded up out of the end of an old steel pressure vessel.

BTW, this is the only guitar I own that my wife will not allow me to sell. Is it art? Maybe. Is it functional? Yes, I've played it many times. Is it heavy? You bet; it weighs over 10 kilos. What does it sound like? Nothing of this earth.

This guitar belongs to Jamie Chivers -

Guitartech Jamie Chivers,
Over 30 years of quality repair experience
Kettle Falls, WA
Monday - Friday
10am - 6pm
Set Up * Wiring * Refrets * Customizing

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