Defil Romeo 2

Another violin-shaped McCartney Hofner - inspired instrument, Defil Romeo 2 was produced in the second half of the 70's. Romeo 2's quality is lower than the earlier Romeo's: the neck even has no trussrod. Other differencies between models include new (uggggly) headstock shape, similar to that found on other "2"-series Defil basses s.a. Baston, a different pickguard shape, slider pots instead of regular round ones and no round hole under the strings. The guitar version of Romeo was called Julia.

A couple of words from the owner:

I've got a Defil Romeo 2 bass. I've bought it about 6 months ago at www.allegro.pl. I paid for it about 25$. It's in a bad condition but I'm going to repair it and do some modifications (new pickups and all electronics).

Łukasz Jabłoński

Defil Romeo
Defil Julia
Defil Julia 2

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