Defil Samba

Defil Samba from 1966 (according the pots). Clearly a Hagstrom clone, made in Poland! The pu's are glued (as the Hagstroms) to the scratchplate. It was probably manufactured together with Lotos bass which has the same body as Samba. Lotos doesn't have a Defil logo but rather a Bydgoska Fabryka Akordeonow (Accordeon factory of Bydgosnhzcz) badge.

Extra cheesiness is added by the cool tremolo arm and knobs' absence - switches only! Defil company made many guitars with no knobs at all (with switches and sliders), check out Defil Melodia and Defil Rytm 2 for example.

The headstock, pick-up’s, pickguard and vibrato are also clearly copied from Hägstrom. This bass and electric guitar can be dated by the potentiometers to be from around 1966. The Lotos and Samba have offset cutaway’s and no bindings on body or neck.

It’s not clear if Samba was also manufactured by the accordion factory or by the Defil company. Rumours state that Defil took over the Bydgoska factory and manufactured their guitars there also. In short: the Samba is simular to the Lotos in construction. But Samba’s can be found with or without a Defil logo on the headstock.

A friend of mine stated that the Samba could been much earlier than 1966 : since they copied the Tremar vibrato from a 1962 Hägstrom the Samba & Lotos can be from 1963/64.

Ivan alias Lordbizarre
"lordbizarre's electric guitar and amp museum"
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