Ural bass

Upgraded Ural bass. Originally purchased in Moscow around 1990, upgraded to make it more playable. Most of Urals existing today went through some sort of upgrade simply because the owners were not satisfied and tried to improve something. Although heavy upgrade makes it non-valuable from the collectors' point of view, it is still interesting to see how it was treated at the homeland. Urals today are pretty cheap and it has always been a beginner's guitar in Russia. There's no reason to upgrade it professionally because for the price of the upgrade you can buy a playable chinese instrument, so most of the upgrades are homemade.

The owner's description:
Very heavy and inconvenient guitar.
-The signature stamp-is painted.
-Replacement of sound pickups is special sound pickups made manually standard sound pickups did not approach because of an interval between strings.
-Remove switch

The neckplate belongs to guitar, not bass.
  Credits: Roman

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