Ural guitar

Ural electric guitar, made in USSR, 70's - 80's. Purchased in Moscow around 1990. This particular instrument suffers from a typical "Russian upgrade". Here's the upgrade description in original English:

The guitar has undergone considerably to completion.

  • The-paint from an obverse part is removed. The tree is painted varnish.(1 pic)
  • One of pickups - humbacker is replaced a new pickup of unknown firm. Old pickups - the real "Urals".
  • The case has been a little ground off, as at Fender.(4 pic)
  • Replacement of a jack - the input jack is made.

  • And all the same it awfully sounds. To play it is impossible.

    pic3 - the neckplate

    pic 4 - the mystical "case ground off" view
      Credits: Roman

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    pic 1

    pic 2

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