Musima Deluxe 25K

Deluxe 25K is a shortscale Lespaul variation that was produced in DDR in the early 70's. The body shape is a bit different from LP's, it is more like Nighthawk/Blueshawk Gibson, but as soon as Nighthawks were introduced in the early 90's there must be no connection. There's a possibility that Gibson Nighthawk design was inspired by Musima Deluxe 25K, but I'm afraid this idea is too crazy to be true. The body was slightly carved (see the pictures) from both sides.
The letter "K" probably stands for "Kinder", since this is a shortscale.

Scale: 610 mm
Body: plywood
Neck: beech, three-piece, with painted beech fingerboard (imitation of rosewood), very small frets, zero fret, plastic inlays
Nut: white plastic
Binding: body (both sides), neck, headstock
Pickups: two single-coils
Controls: 3-position switch, 4-position "Varitone"-type timbre knob, master volume and tone knobs (Tesla)
Bridge: Tune-o-matic/stopbar variation
Tuners: Opened Musima tuners 3 on each side of the headstock (very bad quality)

pickups/bridgeheadstockcontrol panel

The common features of the 25 series were:

  • single-coil pickups of the same type
  • plywood bodies with sunburst finish (there were only sunburst guitars) and beech necks
  • same tuners' type (except for the bass)
  • "Varitone" knob
  • "stratocaster"-alike output jack (although there are three screws)
  • ugly plastic inlays on the fretboard
  • black pickguards

  • Credits:
    Florian Wenz,
    partly stolen from guitars.ru

    Musima Deluxe 25KMusima Deluxe 25K

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    The bodies of the 25 series were all made of plywood, but they were not hollow. Although they all had sunburst finish and look pretty cool, earlier Musima hollowbody models were much better. Single-coil pickups had a very low output and were noisy. The sound had a serious lack of lows and sustain, but they were good for clean funky sound. With distortion these Musimas sounded bad.
    You can still find lots of these guitars on Ebay in Europe, but it doesn't worth the money: if you think you can replace the pickups, you have to know that there's a larger distance between poles on Musimas than on standard pickups. The two-screw neck joint is a very weak point, and the plywood body won't have a sustain.

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