Musima Deluxe 25B bass

This bass is a brother of Musima Deluxe 25 guitar. They look pretty much the same and made of same materials. The design of Deluxe series is definitely influenced by Fender. The whole bass looks like Fender bass VI, Musima headstock is similar to Jazz bass, and the tuners are almost the same. The output jack is taken from Stratocaster, the body shape is Jaguar/Jazzmaster/BassVI, control knobs look like those on Rumble bass/Tonemaster heads, and the pickups reminds me of Musicman/Bronco basses. What a blend! The only strange thing is the bridge - it's a bass version of the Deluxe 25 guitar's bridge, and it's a tune-o-matic/stopbar modification.
This bass is not bad at all! It looks a killer and has some sustain. One weak point here is a neck heel - there's only two screws holding the neck and I guess if they've put some more screws there it could get much better. The other weakness is the treble pickup's location - it's too close to the bridge and it results in a lack of lows.


There's a little "bug" on the headstock: the E-string tuner's location didn't fell on the string axes. It was probably too late to change it and they put a litle button there.

bolt-on, 22(1!) frets, rosewood fingerboard, zero fret
binding: neck
pickups: two single coils
controls: two volume, one tone - jazz bass scheme
nut: white plastic
finishes: three-color sunburst (both neck and body)

Musima Deluxe bassMusima Deluxe bass

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